Our Story

One of the most amazing moments of my first pregnancy was feeling my baby move to music. I loved knowing that I was doing something good for her development, but unfortunately there wasn’t an easy way to do it. I either had to wrap headphones around my belly, or use complicated pregnancy speaker systems with belts, sticky pads, iPhone plug adapters and volume controls. Ughh!!


I asked myself the question: “why can’t playing music to my baby be as simple and easy as listening to it myself?”. I knew there had to be a better way. I enlisted the help of my engineer husband and one of his colleagues, and we landed on the idea of using mom’s own earbuds.  We then spent many years developing, prototyping, testing and refining the concept.  The product was so innovative that we were granted two patents, with many more pending!


We are committed to the highest standards in terms of product safety, ease-of-use, material selection and manufacturing quality.  This has been reflected in the awards Mbrio has received, including a National Parenting Product Award and a Mom’s Choice Award.


We hope you and your baby get as much of a kick out of using Mbrio, as we have had developing it.


Our Community

Mbrio is funded in part by the Innovation Fund of America, a state-funded “Shark Tank”-type competition.  We are truly grateful for the advice and support we have received from the Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (GLIDE), JumpStart Cleveland and LaunchNet at Case Western Reserve University.  A very special thank you to the Thinkbox Innovation Lab at the Case Western School of Engineering (see photo) who provided access to state-of-the-art 3D printing facilities and helped refine our design through multiple rounds of prototyping.