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Key Features
SoundSafe™ Design
SoundSafe™ Design to protect baby’s hearing
Patented Technology
Patented Technology for audio attenuation
SkinSafe™ Materials
SkinSafe™ Materials made of medical-grade silicone
Waistband Clip
Waistband Clip stays comfortably and firmly in place
mbrioMusic™ compilations for mother and baby

Moms love mbrio
Photo of Dorina using Mbrio.

“I’ve been trying the mbrio for two weeks and it’s awesome. The very first time I put them on, she reacted right away. I would definitely give it 5 stars.” Dorina M. KinderMusik Teacher

Photo of Amanda using Mbrio.

“The reason I love it, is that it's completely safe for baby, it stays put and its really easy to use.  It doesn't have those sticky pads that other brands have.” Amanda Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Photo of Tyan using Mbrio.

“My baby is super active – the minute I put the mbrio with the earbuds to my belly it literally calms him down. I also enjoy that they’re so convenient…they’re super small.” Tyan Goldfish Swim School Instructor

Photo of Beth using Mbrio.

“I was really surprised how comfortable they were to wear…I did notice a difference in the amount of movement between calming classical music and tunes that were a little more upbeat.” Beth

Photo of Siobhan using Mbrio.

“They’re incredibly comfy and easy to wear even as my belly continues to grow. I love that they don’t require you to replace sticky pads to continue to use throughout your pregnancy.” Siobhan

Patented SoundSafeTM Technology

Independent testing shows that the volume levels to which babies are exposed with mbrio are significantly lower than with the leading competitor.
This means that mbrio is completely safe for your baby, whether you are playing Mozart, Marley or Metallica - even at maximum volume.

Music Compilations
mbrio classic calm music for babies
Classical Energy 05142019
Science & Research

“Our results show that prenatal exposure to music can have long-term effects on the developing brain and enhance neural responsiveness to the sounds used in the prenatal training.”

Cognitive Brain Research Unit, University of Helsinki, Finland