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Award-winning pregnancy headphones. The easiest way to share music with your baby.

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Why Is Prenatal Music So Important?

Soothes Baby

Familiar calming music can help newborns fall asleep faster

Helps With Bonding

70% of pregnant moms say music helps them bond with baby

Stimulates Movement

Music increases babies’ movement and heartbeat in the womb

Stimulates Brain

Music can stimulate development of babies’ brain networks

Babies Remember

Newborns remember music heard in the womb for a year after birth!

Mbrio Pregnancy Headphones

The only patented innovation that uses mom’s own earbuds to share music with baby.

What Sets Mbrio Apart?

Patented SoundSafe™ Technology
Patented Clip-On Design
SkinSafe™ Materials
Earbud Compatible
Small and Ultralight