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Pregnancy Music
Science & Research

Independent research confirms the benefits of music to your baby in the womb

Research Studies


Fetal Exposures To Sound & Vibroacoustic Stimulation

A newborn human shows preference for his or her mother’s voice and to musical pieces to which he or she was previously exposed, indicating a capacity to learn while in utero.


Effects Of Prenatal Music On Developing Brain

Our results show that prenatal exposure to music can have long-term effects on the developing brain and enhance neural responsiveness to the sounds used in the prenatal training.


Effects Of Prenatal Music On Neonatal Behavior

Prenatal music exposure to mother significantly and favorably influences neonatal behavior. Infants of mothers exposed to music during pregnancy performed significantly better on 5 of 7 behavior assessment metrics.


Long-Term Memory Of Music Heard In Womb

We have discovered that babies can remember and prefer music they heard before they were born, over 12 months later. Babies who hear the same music that was played while in the womb fall asleep faster and sleep longer than babies who did not hear music.


Fetal Response To Voice & Music

Fetuses responded with heart rate acceleration and motor response to both music and voice. This was statistically significant. There was no significant difference between the fetal heart rate acceleration to music and voice.


Effect Of Music On Fetal Heartbeat

In the youngest fetuses, heart rates generally accelerated at the onset of music if it was played loudly; this was thought to indicate arousal. If the same music was played more softly, heart rates generally decelerated at the onset of music, which was thought to indicate attention.


Effect Of Music On Prenatal & Newborn Sleep & Wakefulness

There were marked differences between those babies who had heard four hours of music in utero and those who had not. The music group changed sleep-wake state more efficiently and spent more time awake than the non-music group.

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