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mbrio Reviews from real moms

Moms love mbrio. These are real posts and reviews from real moms.

"I love using mbrio to play Beethoven and other music to my little buddy. He gets so wiggly when I play it!" Traci NICU Nurse/ Aesthetics Injector

It's been a fun experience working out with Kieran and listening to the music together (him through the earbuds with mbrio and me through the TV app). This helps me feel like we're bonding while staying active. We’ve been listening to mbrio's classical calm album together while attempting prenatal yoga. We went through the whole yoga routine without it slipping out of place. Mercedes Postpartum fitness instructor

"mbrio is super easy to use…it’s really comfortable. We’ve been playing Charles Bradley, Bob Dylan, and bit of everything. It’s really fun…the baby really likes it.he reacts almost immediately, there’s a lots of movement….pretty much the entire time the music is playing." Katie

Feeling baby A move to music thanks to mbrio is surreal! I love how easily this design clips to the front of my pants so the earbuds stay in place and that they are safe to protect baby A's hearing.  Maybe this means I can use classical music to soothe him when he becomes fussy out of the womb! ???? Noelle Fitness Trainer

“They’re incredibly comfy and easy to wear even as my belly continues to grow. I love that they don’t require you to replace sticky pads to continue to use throughout your pregnancy.” Siobhan

“I was really surprised how comfortable they were to wear…I did notice a difference in the amount of movement between calming classical music and tunes that were a little more upbeat.” Beth

"I'm 33 weeks pregnant and have been using mbrio since 20 weeks.  The reason I love it, is that it's completely safe for baby, it stays put and its really easy to use.  It doesn't have those sticky pads that other brands have.  I love using it, because there's so much research about the importance of playing music to your baby when they're in the womb..... There's a couple of love songs that I've been playing all the time, and I'm excited to see if she'll remember them when she's out"   Amanda Maternity Photographer

“My boy is super active – he’s a kicker – the minute I put the pods [Mbrio with EarPods] to my stomach it literally calms him down. I also enjoy that they’re so convenient …they’re super small…easy to plug your earbuds into, and you can travel with them anywhere. I take them to work with me every day, and I use them during break and car rides home."   Tyan Instructor Goldfish Swim School

“I’ve been trying the mbrio for two weeks and it’s awesome.  The very first time I put them on, she reacted right away.  Every time I start the music, I get a notification like ‘I hear you mom’.  She gives me a couple of kicks, and then she calms down… so then I think that maybe she’s falling asleep or just enjoying it.  You can definitively tell she is hearing it. It gives me peace of mind.  It’s very convenient to wear. It’s a wonderful product. I would definitely give it 5 stars.” Dorina KinderMusik Teacher

“I used mbrio from week 32 onwards and thought it was great! It was really easy to use and very comfortable – it just took a second or two to pop the earbuds into the adapter and then clip it into my waistband.  It’s been fun feeling my daughter move when she hears the music and my husband gets a kick out of it too.” Amie Psychotherapist

“I like them!  I was having a hard time consistently feeling the babies.  When I put the mbrio on I always got a response. I wear them in bed….they’re super comfortable.  I fell asleep with them on. It was great! Krissy Lululemon Store Manager

“I used it three different days in one week, half an hour at a time.  I played it once at work. Another time I my older son listened with one side while the baby listened to the other.  I felt a bump or a kick within two minutes of putting it on. It was a nice bonding experience. I like the idea of doing it more often, as a ritual.  I played Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Baby Rock and lullabies. He reacted most to my music. He did not react to lullabies, but it might have been making him calmer. I like how soft it felt.  I liked that it was squishy but firm…comfortable. The clip didn’t dig into me…I couldn’t feel it. I will definitely use the Mbrio if/when I am pregnant again” Dawn Behavior Analyst

“My first reaction was that I definitely like the clips. Makes it easy to attach and hold them in place. My iPhone earbuds fit snugly into the adapter which was reassuring. I could tell that they were installed correctly.” Hilary

“Mbrio is a perfect first-time mom product. It’s easy to use and stays put, in a lovely design.” Whitney Marketing Manager