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The mbrio Story

mbrio was born of our experience as expectant parents.

Like many parents, we were avid researchers of all things pregnancy-related. Everything we read confirmed the benefits of playing music to your baby in the womb. But when we looked for a product for this, it just didn’t exist. We ended up using headphones wrapped around the belly. They were big, bulky and not terribly safe. Over the years, we watched as other products were introduced, but they too were potentially unsafe, uncomfortable and/ or expensive. We tried them all!

We challenged ourselves to do better. We used our own earbuds instead of loudspeakers. We reduced sound intensity to safe levels with a layer of silicone rubber instead of “in-line” electronics… and to make it more comfortable, we incorporated a waistband clip instead of self-adhesive pads or belts to hold the earbuds to the belly.

One granted patent – and many design iterations later – we welcomed mbrio to the world in mid-2019.

Our Mission

Mbrio is on a mission to enrich and enhance the lives of parents and their babies, during pregnancy and early childhood, with innovations which are easy-to-use, comfortable, economical – and above all – safe.

More specifically, we are passionate about providing parents-to-be with the means to bond with and stimulate their baby in the womb – and to help them experience the “magic” of their baby’s response.